Residential Home Inspections

Benefits of an Action Home Inspection!
Buying a home can be stressful and a proper home inspection should help to relieve some of that stress.

Sometimes buyers can get overwhelmed and that’s why we offer:

  • easy to follow on-site walk through inspections
  • easy to understand on-site briefings
  • easy to comprehend inspection reports
  • reports offered in several format choices

Our customers tell us that our inspections are more detailed and thorough than their past inspections.  We spend considerably more time inspecting a home than the competition.  A more detailed comprehensive inspection equates to a SAFER home for you and your family.  Thorough inspections can also mean less financial risk.  By spending extra time and inspecting properly, you can eliminate surprises that may cost you money in immediate and future maintenance issues and expenses.

Serving St. Louis, St Charles,  Lincoln, Warren, Franklin and Jefferson Counties

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Beware Of...

Lack of Experience:
Would you want someone with little to no experience inspecting your home? Risking years of unhappiness and additional unplanned expense because of undiscovered defects? Then beware of the part time inspector and those inspectors that think reading a form and checking off a list will protect your investment and lower your risk. See our credentials list and compare, not on price as much as on who can actually do the job correctly!